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joel munday STUDIO

Are you looking for professional grade audio and visual recordings…. 

without breaking the bank?

Do you find self-recording stressful? 

Is hiring a studio simply uneconomical for your needs? 

for 21st century musicians, high-quality digital materials are essential - you can’t get anywhere without them



they can also be an expensive and stressful experience to create 

I offer…

  •  professional quality video recordings for competition/ audition entry and promotional use

  • live recital and concert recordings


As a musician, I have often been frustrated by:


                    - trying to be engineer, producer and musician all at once is a stressful process

                    - equipment available tends to be of lower quality - you can never sound your best


                     - professional studio can be an uneconomical solution simply for video recordings 

                     - when costs are high, ‘getting it right’ becomes a stressful experience

                     - conservatoire studios can provide an uninspiring and unnatural environment to perform in

Launching in 2024, ‘Joel Munday Studio’ draws on my experience as a recording engineer to offer high quality audio and video materials at an affordable price 

  • I use high quality equipment by leading brands such as Neumann and Panasonic

  • I work with musicians in and around London, but am happy to consider locations further afield

  • I record musicians on location in beautiful spaces rather than in uninspiring studios!

How it works

1. Contact me with your recording idea and proposed date 

2. I will work with you to find the perfect location for your recording (e.g. a performance space at your conservatoire or I can recommend you a venue to hire) 

3. We will discuss the optimum duration for your recording - I offer sessions lasting 2, 3 and 4 hrs, depending on how much repertoire you are recording 

4. As an experienced musician myself, I can offer you advice, encouragement and direction throughout your recording, to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible 

5. You will receive high quality videos to showcase your playing at its best



+44 (0) 7411 150510

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